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Sochia, Debbi

Anatomy/Physiology Honors & Medical Microbiology

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Hela cells with vA6L-mut2

 Curriculum Vitae 

Graduated 1991-Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

Bachelor of Arts: School of Liberal Arts

Major: English, certified English grades 6 – 12 State of Texas

Minor: Biology, Education, certified Life/Earth Sciences grades 6 – 8 State of Texas

Composite Certified Science Grades 8-12 State of Texas

Teaching Experience

1991-2004 South San Antonio ISD

2004-present Clark High School, NISD

Graduated  Master of  Science: School of Microbiology and Immunology 2006

Earned degree in Microbiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center.  GPA 4.0  

Contributed to research at the Medical School UTHSCSA in a smallpox vaccine laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Yan Xiang.

I am published in the Journal of Virology:  Vaccinia Virus A6L Encodes a Virion Core Protein Required for Formation of Mature Virion


1st Period Anatomy/Physiology Honors A015
2nd Period Anatomy/Physiology Honors A015
3rd Period Medical Microbiology/Pathophysiology A015
4th Period Anatomy/Physiology Honors A015 
5th Period Lunch  
6th Period Conference A015
7th Period Medical Microbiology A015
8th Period Anatomy/Physiology Honors A015


                  397-5150 ext 3315


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my second home
Where my lab gets most of its funding. Lots of good research going on here.
Just secured a multimillion dollar contract to study Marburg virus. Yes, that's a BSL4 virus and the foundation is located here in San Antonio.
Based out of Atlanta, one of the major operating components of DHHS.
Bernie Moss heads up this massive department devoted to the study of everything viral.
Link for an integrated, text-based search and retrieval system used at NCBI for the major databases, including PubMed, Nucleotide and Protein Sequences, Protein Structures, Complete Genomes, Taxonomy, etc.

Beginning of year Documents Anatomy/Physiology Honors

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syllabus anatomy physiology 2014.docx 8/15/2014
Anatomy Course Outline.doc 8/15/2014
Microsoft Word - NISD Safety Contract anatomy.pdf 8/16/2014
Student Information SheetSochia anatomy.doc 8/15/2014

Beginning of year Documents Microbiology

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MICROBIOLOGY Syllabus 2014.docx 8/15/2014
Medical Microbiology Course Outline 2014.docx 8/15/2014
NISD Safety Contract micro.doc 8/15/2014
Student Information SheetSochia micro.doc 8/15/2014

Anatomy/Physiology Honors

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Ch13 Respiratory System.ppt 5/24/2014
Blood and Cardio Review.doc 4/29/2014
Digestive System Notes.ppt 5/17/2014
Ch 11Sec2 Heart Conduction.ppt 4/21/2014
Ch 11Sec. 3.ppt 4/21/2014
Ch11Sec1 Cardiovascular Notes.ppt 4/21/2014
Ch10 Blood Notes.ppt 4/26/2014
Ch08a_EHAP-Lect.ppt 4/26/2014
Ch08b_EHAP-Lect.ppt 4/26/2014
Ch08c_EHAP-Lect.ppt 4/26/2014
Neuro Chapter 7A.ppt 4/26/2014
Neuro Chapter 7B.ppt 4/26/2014
Neuro Chapter 7C.ppt 4/26/2014
chapter 6 Muscles part 1 2009.ppt 4/26/2014
chapter 6 Muscles part 2.ppt 4/26/2014
Ch9 Endocrine System Notes.ppt 4/26/2014
Ch 9 Endocrine System Notes Part 2.ppt 4/26/2014
ch 5 Skeletal System.ppt 4/26/2014
A & P Chapter 4 -Skin & Body Membranes.ppt 4/26/2014
Cells - Organelles.ppt 4/26/2014
Structure of Plasma Membrane Part 1.ppt 4/26/2014
Body Tissues ch 3.ppt 4/26/2014
A&P Chapter 2 - Basic Chemistry.ppt 4/26/2014
Body Cavities and Membranes PP2.ppt 4/26/2014
Ch 1 - PP3.ppt 4/26/2014
Terminology of Anatomy PP1.ppt 11/23/2013

Medical Microbiology/Pathophysiology

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The Microbial World.ppt 8/28/2014
Ch14_Lect.ppt 5/22/2014
Ch17a_Lect.ppt 5/6/2014
Ch17b_Lect.ppt 5/6/2014
Chapter 20 Antimicrobial Drugs Review.docx 4/10/2014
Chapter 17 Review Immunity.doc 5/6/2014
Ch20a_Lect.ppt 4/10/2014
Ch20b_Lect.ppt 4/10/2014
Microbiology - Ch03_Lect.pdf 9/27/2011
Microbiology Chapter 2 Ch02b_Lect.pdf 9/19/2011
PP1 The Microbial World and You.pdf 10/20/2012

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