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Welcome to Clark High School!  Economics is a hands on course in which current events as well as course material is a vital part of  learning.  Every effort must be made to aid the student in developing the necessary skills to be a responsible member of society.  I look forward to helping your child with this semester of learning.

Schedule--397-5150 ext. 3210


Period 1 Economics 1 8:50 to 9:40      
Period 2 Economics 2 9:45 to 10:35      
Period 3 Economics 3 10:40 to 11:30      
Period 4 Lunch 11:35 to 12:25      
Period 5 Economics 5 12:30 to 1:20      
Period 6 Conference 1:25 ro 2:15      
Period 7 Economics 2:20 to 3:10      
Period 8  Economics 8 3:15 to 4:05      

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This site will be used throughout the semester for completion of specific courses that pertain to the curriculum

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