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Johnson, Cristina


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AP/DC American Government:  Text @apdcam to (469)331-4926

American Government: Text @0697d to (469)331-4926

Welcome to American Government

In this course, students will explore the political theories and everyday practices that direct the day to day operation of our government and that shape our public policies.  This course will also better prepare the students for adult participation in daily civic life.  Students will sythesize everything they have learned in previous social studies classes.  Parents, feel free to call me at 397-5150 ext. 3228 for any questions.

Mrs. Johnson's Schedule

1st:  Government

2nd: Government

3rd:  AP/DC Government

4th:  Lunch

5th: Government

6th: AP/DC Government

7th: Conference by appointment only.  Call 397-5150 to schedule if necessary.

8th: Government

I am looking forward to our year here at Clark and our journey to graduation! 

Tutoring Hours

Before School: 7:45-8:15


After School: 4:15-5:15

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in the HUB

*Prior to attending tutoring, please check with me first in the case that I have any prior commitments. Thank you.


Class Expectations

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Government_Syllabus[1].doc 8/23/2014
AP US Gov Syllabus.doc 8/23/2014
classroom policy sheet.doc 8/23/2014


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Useful websites for Government

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Publishers website from our previous textbook which has chapter summaries and practice questions to help you review content from the chapters for quizzes, exams, and for the AP exam.
The accompanying website for the AP/DC textbook. Take practice tests and quizzes, the program will build an individualized study program for your personal needs.. Utilize the flashcards to study for tests. There is an on-line textook for those on the go.