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Pumphrey, Kevin


Hello visitor! This page will provide info about my classes. Here is my schedule


Period Course Room# Time    
1st World Geography Pre-AP A218 8:50-9:40    
2nd World Geography Pre-AP   A218 9:45-10:35    
3rd Dept Coordinator A218 10:40-11:30    
4th Lunch   11:35-12:25    
5th World Affairs (IRS) A218 12:30-1:20    
6th Conference A218 1:25-2:15    
7th World Affairs (IRS) A218 2:20-3:10    
8th World Geography Pre-AP A218 3:15-4:05    


The best way to get in touch with me is by email at KevinPumphrey @ Otherwise, you can contact the school for an appointment at 397-5150

Classroom Policies

Title Filename Modified
World Affairs Syllabus 2012.doc 9/14/2013
PreAPSyllabus 2013-2014.doc 9/14/2013

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