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Moreno, Christina




Clark High School Specialized Instruction (ALE)

My name is Christina Moreno and I am the Concepts of EnglishTeacher here, at Clark High School. I work wih Veronica McKowen, my Instructional Assistant. In ALE, we teach prerequistie skills to the grade level TEKS. I graduated from UTSA, and this is my 2nd year at Clark. My ALE team consists of:

Karen Pumphrey- Department head/Concept of Social Studies

Alexia Larson- Concepts of Math

Elizabeth Miller- Concepts of Science

Jesse Hernandez- Instructional Assistant

Elia Delarosa- Instructional Assistant


Daily Schedule

1st Period- Concepts of English 3

2nd Period- Concepts of English 2

3rd Period- Concepts of English 4

4th Period- Independent Skills

5th Period- Lunch

6th Period- Concepts of English 1

7th Period- Conference

8th Period- Concepts of Environmental Science/Employability Skills




Phone: (210)-395-5286

Policies and Procedures

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Student Handouts

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