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Sensiba, Marjorie


This is going to be an awesome school year!

I have been teaching for 18 years in NISD. This is my ninth year teaching at Clark H.S. I am proud to be a graduate of Clark High School. I have a B.A. in English from UTSA. My teaching certifications are in Secondary English, Earth/Life Science and Special Education.

I am excited to be able to work with Deborah Hawthorn as a collaborative teacher in Biology and Coach Craig Westmoreland in English 4 this year.  I am also very proud to be involved as the Interact Club and SK8 Club sponsors. If you need to reach me, please call at 397-5150.


1 8:50-9:40 Conference A016      
2 9:40-10:35 Biology Co-Teach A016       
3 10:40-11:30 Biology Co-Teach A016      
4 11:35-12:25 Biology Co-Teach A016       
5 12:30-1:20 Lunch A016      
6 1:25-2:15 English 4 Co-Teach P014      
7 2:30-3:10 Biology Co-Teach A016      
8 3:15-4:05 Biology Co-Teach A016      



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