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Our mission statement is to provide the best injury care possible to all athletes of Clark High School. We  will treat every athlete with respect and work together as a team to return the athlete back to competition as quickly and safely as possible. We also strive to promote the field of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine to all students.

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  1. Each athlete must be able to distinguish between pain and injury. Please don't come to the training room looking for a way out of practice. If an athlete is injured and cannot practice, he/she will be under the care and direction of "Doc" Rost and Coach Stone.
  2. Report all injuries to the trainers and follow their instructions to the letter. Injuries should be reported before the start of the school day or immediately after they occur .
    Do not go see the school nurse for ANY athletic injuries.
  3. Please notify the trainers if you plan to see a doctor for your injury. This is to be done before you go to the doctor. We have to follow doctor's orders! Please schedule treatments and doctors' appointments around practice and meetings
  4. Injury evaluations and treatments will be administered between 7:45 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. everyday. Injured athletes are expected to be present everyday for treatments at the designated time. If you do not attend treatments they are considered well and cleared for practice.
  5. One should get treatments every day until CLEARED by the trainer. If not working out, you should dress in shorts and have your helmet on and stay with your group. YOU DO NOT decide if you are working out or not.
  6. Any athlete sustaining an injury in an off-campus or non-NISD activity must have a doctor's note before the Clark training staff will give treatment.
  7. Horseplay, visitations, and loitering will not be allowed in the training room.
  8. All shoes must be removed before entering the training room. A shoe box is located just inside the door for your shoes.
  9. All athletic equipment must stay outside of the training room unless cleared by the trainers. Please leave outside in the hallway or on the patio.
  10. Leave the training room as quickly as possible after getting taped or treatment. Finish suiting up and putting on shoes outside or in the hallway.
  11. Ice is for injuries only. Ice for drinks will be provided on availability and at designated areas outside the training room. Please throw away all cups.
  12. Please shower and change as quickly as possible before getting an injury evaluated and treated. We will not keep training room open for people after a certain amount of times.
  13. Be at practice on time! Being in the training room is not an excuse for being late.


All student athletes must have a complete packet of "Athletic Forms" completed and on file at Clark high school for each school year. This is the NISD  Physical Packet and Athlete Codes of Conduct. All athletes must fill out all  forms and turn them into the athletic training staff before participating in a sport. If athletes do not sign and complete all paper work and turn it in, they will not be allowed to participate in any sport.

2015 - 2016 physical packet

(See Clark webpage for packet.)

Physical packets CAN ONLY  be turned in to the Athletic Trainers at Clark High School.

The coaches/administrators/counselors or office secretaries are not allowed  to collect or take any physical packets.



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Dr. Jesse DeLee

Nix Hospital
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Toll-free: 1.866.680.CRCT (2728)

Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio

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Ralph "Bud" Curtis

9150 Huebner Road, Suite 155
699.TEAM (8326)
9150 Huebner Road, Suite 170
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