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Mrs. Browning

Conference: 1:10-1:55

Lunch: 12:30-1:00

Phone: 397-3990 ext. 3111

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It is with much anticipation that I begin my sixth year teaching fourth grade at Thornton. Responsibility, respect and organization are key components to my classroom. These foster independence which leads to a more student-led environment and, in turn, more meaningful learning experiences.

I have two main goals this year. First, I plan to incorporate more student-based research, which I hope will promote a love of reading to learn. Providing students with the tools and strategies to learn about high-interest topics and create a variety of projects to present the information is something we will strive towards. Second, problem solving in math will be filled with real world challenges. I want my students to know that math is not a subject in school, but rather an integral part of life.

With these goals in mind, I eagerly await another exciting school year in which I witness my students grow in every sense of the word.


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Reading Links

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Use this site to complete your hippo webquest and KidPix project.
Use this site to create your national park brochure.
Use this site to create your national park brochure.
A great site for kids to read and learn about eating right and staying healthy.
Use this site to answer the questions for the Thanksgiving webquest made by Mrs. Browning.
Use this site to complete your tortoise webquest and KidPix project.

Writing Links

Site Description
Fill in the blinks and click to create your own unique style of poetry.
Use this site for one of the activities on the spelling menu.
Figurative language makes your writing memorable, but you must know what these figures of speech mean. Practice learning here.
Play these leveled games to improve your grammar skills.

Vocabulary Links

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You will need your journal to record the word parts and new word.
Can you use the correct word? This is a tested writing skill, so practice makes perfect.

Science Links

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Match the science term to its definition. Review what we've learned and prepare for fifth grade!

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Important Documents

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schedule.pdf 8/24/2013
4th Grade Grading Policies.pdf 8/24/2013
Promotion Standards.pdf 9/22/2012

Math Links

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Practice your speed and accuracy on division facts on this kid friendly site.
Use this site to practice interpreting double bar graphs.
Choose your fact family and speed to test your skills.
Practice identifying equivalent fractions with these two games.
Pracice making and using equivalent fractions.
Practice making and using equivalent fractions.
Think quick! Use your geometry brain power to sort shapes according to their attributes.
A selection of games will help you learn and remember all the vocabulary we have learned and more.
You can print worksheets and flash cards here.
Choose your operation, time limit, and GO!

Language Learning Links

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Learn more animal names. Start with find 1 and play all levels.
Use this site to practice your color words in English.
Learn names of animals here. Start with "Find 1". Then go through each task until you finish the matching game.
Students have login and password information. Access "just right" books for independent reading practice. Tests can be taken to check progress and earn points.
This link will help you learn your letter names and sounds. It also introduces English nouns using pictures. The text is read aloud and is self-paced.
This link has reading games and activities for beginning English learners. The text is read aloud, and the activities are self-guided.
A wide variety of games to practice everything from basic sight words to prefixes and homophones.