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Hi, I'm the Physical Education teacher at Thornton and have been since the school opened in 1989. I grew up in San Antonio and graduated from Edison High School. I went to Temple Jr. College for two years and then to Pan American University in Edinburg, Texas where I graduated. I played baseball all through high school and college, having many great experiences and opportunities. 

Welcome to the Thornton Health Club!  We are very excited about the program that we have planned for your child in Physical Education and consider it a vital part of your child's education.  Emphasis is placed on lifetime skills and activities.  Major content areas include movement skills and concepts, physical activity, nutrition and social development for all students.  Physical fitness and wellness are major goals of our program.  We solicit your cooperation by encouraging your child to participate daily in vigorous activities and the reinforcement of healthy lifestyle practices.

Your child will come to P.E. every other school day for 45 minutes.  This is important to remember because for safety purposes we require that students wear tennis shoes. 

Please remember to send a note with your child if he/she needs to modify his/her participation in P.E. due to health or injury.  Being specific helps your child from becoming bored by sitting out completely.

The lifestyle choices we make are directly related to health benefits. It is my passion to teach our children positive, beneficial lifestyle choices for a lifetime of rewards.  

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