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School Counselors serve many important functions on a campus.  One of these is to teach Guidance lessons.  In a guidance class the counselor focuses issues that the school community have singled out as needing attention, like bullying, stress, Character Education, self confidence, and being a successful student. Counselors use the following Seven Skill Goals as a guide to address these issues:

  1. Self-Confidence Development - value their uniqueness and manage their feelings
  2. Motivation to Achieve - develop their academic potential and identify career opportunities
  3. Decision Making/ Goal Setting / Problem Solving - manage change and make good decisions
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness - respect others and develop healthy friendships
  5. Communication Skills - express themselves appropriately and listen to others
  6. Cross Cultural Effectiveness - appreciate their own culture, be respectful of other cultures, and appreciate differences
  7. Responsible Behavior - accept responsibility for their actions and be self-disciplined 

There are times when a student may need to be seen on an individual or small group basis.  Parent consent is needed for either of these to occur.  Small groups are formed by student, parent or teacher request.  The types of small groups that are offered are the following:

Sunshine Club is for students who are experiencing difficulty with self-confidence, making friends, problem solving and decision-making.

The Team is for students who have a need to work on getting along better with others or making new friends. Emphasis will be on the student developing good social skills.

The Cool Group is for students who have not learned to control their own anger. Emphasis will be on students learning how to steps to identify and display their anger in an appropriate manner.

Banana Splits for students who are experiencing, or who have experienced, a divorce/separation in their family. Students are encouraged to ask questions, clarify conflicts, and share feelings regarding divorce/separation.

Movin’ On is for students who have suffered the loss of a loved one or pet. Emphasis is on understanding the stages of grief and sharing the hurt with others who understand.

Successful Student is for students who are not doing well academically. Emphasis is on organization and goal setting. This is a good group for those who have been retained.


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