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Mrs. Bond

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ALPHA 2014-2015 FrogWelcome to A.L.P.H.A. which is NISD's elementary program for gifted and talented students.  A.L.P.H.A. stands for Advance Learning Program for High Achievers.  In this year's  advance studies in Earth Science we will be going on "eco-adventures" as we study the earth's biomes.  The big idea is to study INTERACTIONS in nature.  All year we will be looking at the essential questions: 

1.) In what ways are living organisms and their environments interdependent?

2. In what ways are environments affected by change over time?

3. What consequences are there for failing to adapt to environmental changes?


We will be endeavoring to nurture a love for nature through the collection of insects and plant life, planting gardens, research, visits to our classroom by special speakers and a collaboration of Nature Through Art with the McNay Museum.



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Mrs. Bond

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Happy Frogs

I am so excited about this year in ALPHA.  I love nature and collect insects and plants or their pictures from all my travels which I will be sharing with my students.  I love to learn as do all scholars.  It is my desire that your child will love to excel in his or her area of gift and talent. 

I have been teaching some form of gifted education for over 25 years.  I received my Masters at the University of Connecticut in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on gifted education.  My husband is retired and spends his time woodworking and teaching Bible Classes.  I have two very different children who are now married to very gifted partners.  I also have a wonderful new grandson.

I look forward to enjoying the world around us with your child.  You can call me at 210-397-6650 or email me at:



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