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Principal’s Perspective


The commitment to excellence is evident every day at Hobby MS.  Students, teachers, parents, and staff have worked collaboratively to establish a high standard of achievement.  Take a moment to visit our website.  Our campus report card has been updated and our results indicate our commitment to the success of children. 

As the campus leader, I am very proud of our students and staff members.  We are offering many programs during the school day to ensure that students are given the skills necessary to remain successful.  All students rotate during advisory where they receive additional enrichment activities in all subject areas.  These activities vary in content and build skill in a variety of ways.  It is our focus to build well rounded students.  We work deligintly to create an environment where students will learn to believe in themselves, and where they will be taught the skills necessary to be successful. 

Homework Center and tutoring is offered before and after school.  Times and dates are available on the webpage specific to subject areas.  We work to ensure student success with many initiatives during the school day not only in advisory, but also during Early Release.  Our focus during this time is to reinforce skill in the areas of math, science, reading, writing, and social studies.

Parents of 8th grade students need to remind their students to practice, focus, and remember that the skills developed in class will prepare them for the tests they must pass to be promoted to High School.  There are many resources available on line to help with skills.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Hobby.

Parents, let me take this opportunity to extend my appreciation for all that you do for Hobby and our children.  This is an amazing community and the environment is a reflection of excellent parenting.  Your children come first not only at home but at Hobby as well.  We are your partner in ensuring the success of your child.

Students at Hobby understand the concept of positive, purple, power.  They are taught to have a positive attitude, to build positive character, and to give a positive amount of effort.  Positive thoughts create more energy than negative thoughts.  We are committed to encouraging children.  As partners in this endeaver, they will achieve.  Have a wonderful holiday season. 


Tracy Tietze

Principal, Hobby MS

phone: 397-6305

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