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Welcomed to Hobby PTA 2013-2014


Hobby Hawks,  the Nominating Committee has posted the slate of nominees for the 2014-15 Hobby PTA Executive Board Officers.  The election will be held on Monday, April 14th at 6:30pm in the cafeteria.  The meeting was originally scheduled to be held along with the Lift-a-thon, but that event has been postponed.  The PTA has many deadlines, trainings, and transitions to do within the month, so the meeting will be held on the 16th as advertised.  All registered PTA members will have the opportunity to vote.  Please mark the date in your calendar.  It should be a short meeting of not more than 20 minutes.   Thank you in advance.




The Slate of Nominees for the Hobby PTA Executive Board Officers  are:




President-  Michelle Montemayor


1st VP (JCJ/Programs) - Dawn Coniam


2nd VP (Fundraising) - Christine Cantu


3rd VP (Membership)- Laura Orozco


Secretary -   Delma Gonzales


Treasurer-  Margot Soto



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Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates


8/22/13    PTA Meeting/ GREENBACK Nights /6th grade orientation @ 6:30pm (cafeteria)

9/17/13      PTA Meeting/GREENBACKS Nights/ 7th & 8th grade Orientation @ 6:30pm(cafeteria)

10/22/13     PTA Meeting /Band concert  @ 6:30pm(cafeteria)

12/17/13     PTA Meeting/ Choir Concert @ 6:30pm (cafeteria)

4/14/14      PTA Meeting/Lift-A-thon @ 6:45pm (gym)

5/14/14       PTA Meeting/ Awards Night @ 6:30pm (Clark High School auditorium)

Please visit using organization code: hobbymspta to view volunteer opportunities and PTA news

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