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Join Student Council! 

Taft Student Council is a student-led organization that promotes school spirit and community service.


If you are interested in joining Student Council please contact Mrs. Athey-Schupp in room A252 for a membership form or more information.


Student Council is comprised of 5 committees that each focus on a different topic that is important to Stu Co. Each committee is led by a chair and co-chair. You can find the names of these members next to the committee names.

Committees are constantly working on projects and always need new ideas. If you have project ideas please let the committee chair know.

The committees are:

Drugs, Alcohol, Health, and Safety (DASH) - The DASH Committee puts on projects that are aimed toward the prevention of drug, tobacco, and alcohol abuse in the school and community. DASH also plans projects that promote safety and health awareness.

Pride and Patriotism (P&P) - The P&P Committee is in charge of SCHOOL SPIRIT! We want all Taft Raiders to be proud that they are Taft Raiders. You are also in charge of projects that have to do with holidays or observances that NISD recognizes.

Community Service - The Community Service Committee will be in charge of all service projects taking place outside of the school. Such as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House or the San Antonio Food Bank.

Environment and Energy (E&E) - The E&E Committee will be in charge of projects that increase the school's awareness of ways to conserve energy and ways we can help the environment. E&E's largest project is recycle pick up which takes place every week.

Homecoming - The homecoming committee will assist in planning and putting together all aspects of the homecoming dance. This includes theme, decorations, DJ, photographer, etc.


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