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Ruth Caldwell, Head Counselor  
Desiree Meza, Counselor, 
    assigned students A-En
Frances Phillips, Registrar
Howard Marsh, Counselor, 
    assigned students Ep-Leu

Michele Webb, College & Career Center

Julie Davis, Counselor, 
    assigned students Lev-Rew

Jenna Bloom, Student Success Advisor

  Annie Fernandez, Counselor,
    assigned students Rey-Z
Jeannette De Leon, Educational Secretary
  Maria Garcia, Counselor Secretary

Renee Shannon, Grade Reporting Secretary



Requesting Transcripts

Transcript requests must be made through the Counselor's Office before or after school and during lunch.


  • The first OFFICIAL transcript is free.
  • Thereafter the cost is $2.00 per transcript.

Please allow 3 - 5 school days for processing. Students under 18 years must have parent/guardian authorization for transcript requests.


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FAFSA 2/12/2011
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Located in downtown San Antonio, Cafe College is a resource center facility designed to assist students in pursuing higher education goals.
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