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English as a Second Language


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Ms. Vetter's Class Schedule

1st Period: Conference
2nd Period: Reading/ English ESL
3rd Period: Pep Squad
4th Period: Lunch
5th Period: Pep Squad
6th Period: ESOL 1
7th Period: Pep Squad
8th Period: ESOL 2  

Tutuoring available upon request after school Tuesdays & Thursdays!

ESL Reading

Title Filename Modified
STAAR Reading- 5.pdf 3/16/2014
STAAR Reading- 6.pdf 3/16/2014
STAAR Reading- 7.pdf 3/16/2014
STAAR Reading- 8.pdf 3/16/2014
STAAR Reading English 1.pdf 3/16/2014


Title Filename Modified
Short Answer PPT.ppt 3/16/2014
Test Taking Tips.pptx 3/16/2014


Title Filename Modified
0. STAAR Persuasive Essay.pptx 3/22/2014
1. Topics.docx 3/16/2014
2. Kernal_Outline.docx 3/16/2014
3. Analogy Infoshots.pptx 3/16/2014

ESL/ Newcomers

Title Filename Modified
1. Future Continuous-Perfect.pptx 3/16/2014
2. Relative Clauses.ppt 3/16/2014
3. School Phrasal Verbs.ppt 3/16/2014
5. Health Phrasal Verbs.ppt 3/16/2014
6. Crime Phrasal Verbs.ppt 3/16/2014


Site Description
A good resource for vocabulary lists, grammar and tenses help
Different levels of conversations and dialogues
Free English video lessons on tenses and vocabulary
Translators, activities, tutorials and more
Learn English through visuals, audios and native-speaker feedback

Educational Background

Bachelors Degree in English/ Secondary Education 
Jamestown College

Jamestown College



Masters of Special Education
University of North Dakota 


Masters Certificate in TESOL
University of Texas- San Antonio