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          As the music specialist here at Burke, I help the students explore & discover music in a fun and safe environment. My name is Boyd Brockway & I have been teaching in Northside for 14 years & every one of those years has been here at Burke Elementary. I opened Burke Elementary in 2000. Boy, time flies.

     A little about me. I graduated from SWT, known now as Texas State, with a bachelor in music education. I can play & teach most instruments, but my main instrument is voice. I am a "tenatone", meaning I sing both tenor and baritone. Haha. 

     I do have an absolutely beautiful family. My wifes name is Christina & I have 3 children. Lorali, the oldest daughter, is 6 years old and is in 1 st grade here at Burke. Jena, the middle child, is 4 years old & is showing her age. Finally, there is Edward, the baby boy, who just turned 2 turned.         

    The primary grades will work on the basics. The basic concepts in music are steady beat & rhythm; high & low sounds; loud & soft; and fast & slow. Notation begins in the middle grades - 2nd & 3rd - so in those grades the students will begin to read & write simple musical patterns consisting of rhythm & pitch. Advanced concepts are taught in the last two grades - 4th & 5th, consisting of musical patterns; listening skills; dynamics; & polishing of the musical sound. 4th & 5th grade play the recorders  involving advanced reading of music notation. Included in the upper grades is choir, offered to 4th & 5th graders, and strings offered to 5th grade.

     All of the concepts listed above are developed through fun. Games, instruments, dance, & singing are examples of how students learn musical concepts at Burke Elementary. Music is meant to be fun. It is a way of self expression and sometimes gives a voice when hard to speak. I am here at Burke to have fun with the students; teach them about music; & to create a spark that one day they too can be musicians & be musically inclined. 

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