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Ms. Arora


Ms. Tamara Arora  (@MsAroraNISD)

7th Grade ELA and ELA Pre-AP



Welcome!  I am very excited to start the 2014-2015 school year. This year, we are carrying on our ELAR block to 7th grade!  Our students are going to learn to accept challenge and embrace achievement. Our focus this year is higher learning! We are going to stretch our minds and create safe environments where reading and writing is encouraged and embraced!


Please feel free to contact me at 397-7400, ext 3110 or email me at

Class Schedule:

  • Pd. 1-2     7th Grade ELA Pre-AP
  • Pd. 3        Intervention
  • Pd. 4        Conference
  • Pd. 5-6     7th Grade ELA
  • Pd. 7-8     7th Grade ELA Pre-Ap

Year at a Glance:
1st 6wks - Summer Reading Reflection (Pre-AP), Literary Nonfiction, Reflexive Essay, Benchmark #1
2nd 6wks - Novel Unit, Reading and Writing Poetry, Benchmark #2 - Expository Essay
3rd 6wks - Drama, Reading and Writing Fiction (Short Stories), Literary Analysis, Novel
4th 6wks - Informative and Persuasive Reading and Writing, Persuasive Research Essay, Rhetorical Analysis, Benchmark #3

5th 6wks - Expository Writing Essay, STAAR Writing Blitz, Novel Unit
6th 6wks -  Student Choice Writing Essay, Mythology Unit, Novel

Grading Policy:
40% Formative Grades

60% Summative Grades

Tutoring / Office Hours:  AM - Tuesdays/Thursdays 7:50 - 8:25; PM - Mondays/Wednesdays 3:45 - 4:30


  •  Bachelor of Arts, The Ohio State University
  •  Generalist 4-8 (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)

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Class information and updates, via Ms. Arora's twitter account.
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Class Blog:
Class updates and reminders via text. Instructions will be included on the class syllabus.

ELA Lesson Plans (Pd. 5-6 ONLY)

Title Filename Modified
Week 1 LP 7ELA 2014-08-25 to 08-30.pdf 8/23/2014
Week 2 LP 7ELA 2014-09-02 to 09-05.pdf 8/29/2014
Week 3 LP 7ELA 2014-09-08 to 09-12.pdf 9/19/2014
Week 4 ELA LP Sep 15 - Sep 19.pdf 9/19/2014
Week 5 LP 7ELA 2014-09-22 to 09-26.pdf 9/19/2014

ELA Pre-AP Lesson Plans (Pds. 1-2 & 7-8)

Title Filename Modified
Week 1 LP 7ELAPAP 2014-08-25 to 08-30.pdf 8/21/2014
Week 2 LP 7ELAPAP 2014-09-02 to 09-05.pdf 9/5/2014
Week 3 LP 7ELA PAP 2014-09-08 to 09-12.pdf 9/5/2014
Week 4 ELAPAP LP 2014-09-15 to 09-19.pdf 9/19/2014
Week 5 LP 7ELA PAP 2014-09-22 to 09-26.pdf 9/19/2014


Title Filename Modified
Syllabus for 7th Grade ELAR(Pd1-2).pdf 8/21/2014
Syllabus for 7th Grade ELAR(Pd5-6).pdf 8/21/2014
Syllabus for 7th Grade ELAR(Pd7-8).pdf 8/21/2014


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