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Team Zachry!

I am using a separate site to keep students and parents updated on my class.  I like this site because students and parents can comment back and we can engage in online discussions on class issues and science in the news. 

Please click the link for your class and join in! 

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Tutoring Information and Times

I have office hours where I am always available on Wednesdays after school until 4:30.


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I can always see you by appointment at other times.


This is the time and place for making up work missed because of an absence, correcting any quiz or lab grade that is below 70, or getting help with something that you don't understand.





Contact Information:

Phone Number:  397-7400 ext. 3154

Email Address:

Conference Time: 1st Period (8:30-9:10)

Grading Policy



Tests                        40%

Labs/ Projects           40%

 Formative Assessments         20%              




8th Lesson Plans

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Science is Fun!

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